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Kiss Monster

Hey anyone who’s still following me on this blog, just to let you know, I deleted my blog again last night. (kateofhearts, fandomosity) I did create a new one, but you definitely don’t have to follow (I wouldn’t want to follow someone who’s already deleted twice in a year lol), but if you want… here’s the URL 


2 years ago on 3 December 2011 @ 11:23am

I miss this blog.

I moved here for one last fresh start, but a lot of people I used to be friends with don’t follow me anymore, unfortunately. And those who do follow me on that blog, feel free to unfollow this one! :p I just wish I could reconnect with you all again. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to do so now that fall TV season is starting again. :) I am doing so much better though. I still have memory loss of certain time periods, like of early this year and late last year (which unfortunately was when I watched most of the TV I watch now and when I met/got to know a lot of you), but I would love to talk to any of you or flail about tv and celebrities again! My memory is still spotty, but it’s getting better. :) And overall, my attitude towards life is greatly improving and I’m just taking things one day at a time. :) Hope everyone is doing well, and don’t forget to follow me on my new(ish) blog if you want! <3 

- Katie

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3 years ago on 21 September 2011 @ 4:58pm 1 note



So, I just realized that I still have a Fuck Yeah! April and Andy tumblr that I ran on my old blog (ifyouseekate), fyeahaprilandy, but my memory of them and the show is still kind of spotty, unfortunately. So if anyone is a big fan of Parks and Rec/April and Andy and would like to help administer this Tumblr, send me a message! =] There’s over 200 followers, and I’d hate to see it completely die. Thanks in advance. <3

3 years ago on 11 August 2011 @ 9:35pm 1 note
i'd like your new URL

http://californiadaydreams.com :) (It’s still a Tumblr, just with a custom domain)

3 years ago on 11 August 2011 @ 9:08pm

New Tumblr (Last time I'm posting this, I swear)

So yes, this is my third blog. But my first blog (withyoutotheendsalsa-your-face, scarned) I stupidly deleted due to some drama, and this one I’m making to go with my fresh new memory. (If you don’t know the story, I’ve explained it a bit in earlier posts.) If you decide to follow it (which you don’t have to), then feel free to unfollow this one (ifyouseekate), so that you’re not following two of mine. Or you can even just unfollow if you don’t want to follow one of mine lol. I won’t mind. :) I just wanted to make sure that this new blog’s existence is known. :p Also, I have no idea where the username came from to be perfectly honest…

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3 years ago on 19 July 2011 @ 11:14am

New Tumblr!

For those of you who didn’t see my last couple of posts from these past few days, I made another new tumblr because I want to start completely fresh. My memory of a lot of things (including a good chunk of my Photoshop and TV show knowledge) has kind of disappeared due to an electrical procedure that’s being done on my brain right now(electroconvulsive therapy), so I just wanted to kinda have a clean start. I’m linking to my new tumblr in this post in case you don’t want to have to message me for the link. Don’t at all feel obligated to follow though. In fact, if you feel we don’t have anything in common anymore, feel free to unfollow. I won’t be at all offended. I’m still gonna be posting a lot of tv show stuff I normally post, but there will also be more personal and other type posts, too. Hopefully I will be able to reteach myself a lot of Photoshop stuff and rewatch a lot of my shows, so I can get back to making a bunch of graphics. :) I also plan on making more themes and tutorials someday as well!

3 years ago on 18 July 2011 @ 8:11pm 2 notes

For those of you who don’t know….

Since some people have asked why I’ve lost a good chunk of my memory… I’m doing a procedure known as electro-convulsive therapy. It’s where doctors basically make me have a seizure and help the “neurotransmitters” in my brain find their proper place. lol I don’t really know 100% how to explain it or how it works, but it’s basically to make me feel better, since I was in the hospital for a few weeks because of a major depressive episode. Not sure why I’m posting all of this, but I guess I don’t really mind people knowing. My memory should return pretty soon (it better!), but I do plan on rewatching a lot of my tv shows (such as Parks and Rec) and I’m gonna try to teach myself a bunch of Photoshop stuff again.

And if you didn’t see my last post, I made a new blog. I feel like with this new memory (sort of) and what not, I need a fresh start. Don’t hesitate to message me for the url though! If you think we don’t have a lot in common though anymore, then feel free to unfollow me if you want. I won’t be at all offended. I understand. :)

3 years ago on 17 July 2011 @ 6:01pm 2 notes

New Blog…

This may be a really rash decision, but I’ve decided to create a new blog. I just feel as if this one doesn’t accurately reflect all my interests anymore. And although my short-term memory might recover soon, I’ve just forgotten a lot about all the tv shows I watch/have watched and some of the people who I follow, so yeah… You can still feel free to follow me at my new blog though. Especially if we used to talk a lot before my little ~memory wipe or if we’ve talked a bit again recently. :) 

But I will try not to hesitate to post more of my other interests on this new blog, such as Disney stuff, certain bands I like, etc. I will also post my acoustic music covers as well. Basically, a good chunk of it will probably still contain my television interests and graphics (I have to re-teach myself how to make them though), but there might also be a lot more personal stuff, too. It will be just a blog that I can hopefully feel like I can write whatever on. I think I’ve always been kind of afraid to post a lot of my other interests and personal stuff, for fear of getting “unfollowers.” But frankly, I don’t really care anymore. The reason I’m gonna make a new blog is so that if some of you don’t really want to follow me anymore, you don’t have to (and don’t have to feel bad about unfollowing or whatever.) 

So sorry if this is annoying or dumb! I know I just created this blog a couple of months ago. I just think it’s for the best, since I don’t really know what to post here anymore, and most of my followers on this blog probably followed me mostly for my tv graphics and not my personality or whatever. =/ But just message me if you want the new URL! I don’t really want to publish it.

P.S. I’m not gonna delete this blog though because I have some important sub-blogs and tutorials on it still.

3 years ago on 17 July 2011 @ 1:13pm 2 notes

- Bones

3 years ago on 17 July 2011 @ 11:19am 1,551 notes

You can take everything I have.
You can break everything I am.
Like I’m made of glass.
Like I’m made of paper.

Go on and try to tear me down.
I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper.

3 years ago on 16 July 2011 @ 11:06pm 13 notes